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  1. Accessorial Charges!!
    27 Dec, 2017
    Accessorial Charges!!
    As a former Truck driver, and a businessman, I have to agree with the carriers when they arrive on time to a pick up, and or a delivery and the location is the reason for the delay, detenision is due.  When establishing a load to be moved it should be part of the rate confirmation that if the truck arrives on time to a pickup and delivery, and a delay of more than 2 hours then detension applies!
  2. ELD
    22 Dec, 2017
    ELD's -       I reading how these are so bad and all the reasons why, who it is going to effect, and who is going to come out of this in the worse condition. What is a ELD?      1. It is a Digital Drivers Log required by the FMCSA as of 12/18/2017      2. It records all the same information as the paper logs do.      3. It records the speed of the vehicle      4. It records the GPS location of the Vehicle every "X" amount of time. example every 30 seconds or 15 mins.       5. It records